(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

STEM Academic Track

The STEM strand deals with several disciplines of science, mathematics, and the application of digital technology appropriately. This strand can lead you to careers such as Civil Engineer, Biologist, Statistician, Software Developer, and more – careers that let you solve real-world challenges.

For those who are curious about the complexities of science, those who are inclined to machines and how it makes the way of life easier, and those who dive deep in numbers, choose the STEM strand and take part in creating the future.

Advantages of Opting for STEM

Affordable Excellence

APEC Schools offers accessible education, combining affordability with quality, tailoring a future for all students.

Holistic Skill Development

APEC cultivates critical thinking and communication skills essential for success in fields and beyond.

Industry-Relevant Learning

APEC’s curriculum ensures students stay updated with industry demands, preparing them for the dynamic job market.

Experiential Discovery

Explore real-world applications, fostering passion and curiosity in APEC Schools’ program.


An exclusively offered subject by APEC Schools which gives students the chance to solve real-life problems through direct immersion in the communities.


The first work immersion program in the country that is approved by the Department of Education. Co-designed with partner employers, ACE gives the students the chance to have real-work experience.

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