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REFER-EARN-REPEAT With APEC Schools Refer-A-Friend Program!

Mommy and daddy, may kakilala ka bang Junior/Senior High School at gusto niyong mag-REFER sa APEC Schools?

GET PHP 1,000-WORTH OF GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR EVERY SUCCESSFUL REFERRAL* here at APEC Schools Refer-a-friend program! There’s no limit to how many you can refer!

GOOD NEWS sa mga APEC Referrers na: we’re upgrading your reward to PHP 1,000-worth of gift certificates as well!

Simply invite your friends to enroll online at APEC Schools at and make sure they use your referral code!

Not an APEC student/parent? Get your referral code first at

*Valid until August 22, 2021. Afterwhich, the reward is PHP 300-worth of GCs.

Am I qualified to join the program?

Who can refer:

– Current APEC Schools students/parents/guardians.
– Past students and their parents/guardians.
– Individuals not part or associated with APEC Schools.

Who are NOT qualified for the program:

– APEC Schools employees and their immediate families.
– Staff from third-party employers such as Utility personnel, Security Guards, Messengers, and other outsourced personnel.
– APEC parents referring their own child/children and APEC guardians referring their own wards.

What is my referral code?

For CURRENT APEC students/parents/guardians:

– You may use the complete ACTIVE STUDENT NUMBER as your referral code.

For OTHER INDIVIDUALS (i.e. alumni, parents of alumni, not part or associated with APEC Schools):

– Sign-up at and obtain your UNIQUE REFERRAL CODE.

How do I refer?

First step:

– Send the enrollment link to your referral.

Upon registration:

– Guide your referral through the registration process to make sure he/she doesn’t miss out on any information.
– Make sure your referral fills out the REFERRAL SECTION with the following details:
a. Name of the referrer.
b. The Student number for APEC parent/guardian/student referrers or the Referral code for non-APEC individuals and alumni.

After registration:

– Your referral must complete the registration process by clicking the Submit button. After the process is completed, make sure you get his/her unique student number.
– Monitor your referral. He/she must complete all the admission requirements with the cut-off dates. The completion of the enrollment process is required to get the reward.

After completing the enrollment process:

– Make sure that your referral is an active student until September 30, 2021.

How do I receive my reward?

– You will be able to receive your gift certificate from the branch where your referral/s are enrolled. The branch staff will coordinate with you regarding the schedule of pick-up.

– Make sure to declare your ACTIVE CONTACT NUMBER and other alternative mobile number/s and e-mail address where you can be reached.

– Claim your gift certificate on or before the deadline. Failure to receive the gift certificates from the branch will result in the forfeiture of the reward.

Other questions

Can I refer to multiple branches?

– Yes – you may use the same Student Number or Referral Code to as many referrals as you want.

Can I refer to different programs (APEC Agile distance-learning and APEC Flex Homeschool) and different grade levels (Grade 7 to Grade 11)?

– Yes – this is possible as long as you use the same Student Number or Referral Code for all your referrals.

What if the student forgot to input the Referral Code? Can I ask them to register again?

– Only the first registration will be honored thus the referral will not be recognized.
– This is why you should make sure they fill in the Referral Section and guide them through the process.

For more information, send a message at, email us at, or contact us at 0917-258-7621 / 0998-846-2120.