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APEC Schools Launches The Own-A-Tablet Promo For SY 2021-2022

APEC Schools launches the Own-a-Tablet promo this SY 2021-2022 to help students in their online classes. The tablets, designed to accompany students in different class activities, were used in APEC Schools branches before the shift to online learning. Own a second-hand Huawei Media Pad T3** for only PHP 150/month for a 10-month installment period.

Other promos to help students this coming school year are Rent-a-Chromebook and Own-a-Chromebook promos.

Here’s how you can avail of the promo:

  1. For new students: Complete the registration process at bit.ly/APECSchools-Registration and pay the PHP 1,000 admission fee.
  2. Download the Own-A-Tablet Agreement Form at https://bit.ly/APEC_Own-a-Tablet. Email the form to your branch.
  3. Contact your branch and schedule an appointment. Visit bit.ly/APEC_BranchDirectory.
  4. Go to the branch, submit your form, and claim your tablet.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the promo:

What are the specs of the tablet? Are these new units?

The tablet for this promo is a second-hand Huawei Media Pad T3. This promo does not include a mouse and keyboard.

Color: Space Grey or Luxurious Gold
Display: Size: 8.0 inches, IPS display, 1280 x 800 (HD)
CPU: Qualcomm MSM8917, quad-core A53, 4 x 1.4 GHz
OS: EMUI 5.1 (Based on Android 7.0)
Memory: 8 GB ROM, 1 GB RAM
Camera: Rear camera: 5 MP and autofocus | Front camera: 2 MP and fixed focus
Battery: 4,800 mAh
Processor: Qualcomm MSM8917, quad-core A53, 4 x 1.4 GHz

Why do we still need to use an external mouse and keyboard when the tablet can be operated as is?

APEC Schools recommends the use of an external mouse and keyboard so students can maximize their learning in an online modality. There are learning activities that require the students to use programs such as GDocs, GSlides, or GSheets and these external computer peripherals can help the students accomplish these tasks with ease.

Does this mean that online classes can now be held through a tablet and not through a laptop or Chromebook?

Yes, online classes can be accessed using a tablet, laptop, and Chromebook. However, you gain the best experience when you use a laptop or a Chromebook. To improve the learning experience using a tablet, we recommend the use of a compatible Bluetooth-enabled external mouse and keyboard.

I have signed in for the Rent-a-Chromebook/Own-a-Chromebook promo. How do I proceed with availing this instead?

If you have previously availed of the Rent-a-Chromebook or Own-A-Chromebook promo, you can also avail of the Own-A-Tablet Promo. The monthly installments (August 2021 to May 2022) will be reflected in your APEC Schools Statement of Account.

Will the application in the Rent-a-Chromebook/Own-a-Chromebook promo be automatically canceled if I proceed with the tablet instead?

Your application to Rent-a-Chromebook/Own-a-Chromebook promo will not be automatically terminated. It will be subject for approval.

For Rent-A-Chromebook: if the unit is released to them, they can avail of this Own-A-Tablet promo upon the return of the unit. 
1. Email your APEC Schools branch, state the request and your valid reason, and attach the Rent-A-Chromebook Agreement Form. Visit bit.ly/APEC_BranchDirectory.
2. APEC branch will review and process the request.
3. Student/Parent will be notified of the status and their request and schedule appointment details.

For Own-A-Chromebook: if the gadget is released to the parent/student already, they can no longer return it but they are still eligible to avail of the Own-A-Tablet promo.

In the event that the student wants to avail the Rent-A-Chromebook/Own-A-Chromebook promo with the Own-A-Tablet promo, they are allowed to avail it with a maximum of 1 tablet allocation per student.

Will you offer this free-of-charge to APEC Scholars?

No, our APEC Schools Scholars are allocated with a unit of Chromebook.

How do you make sure that these tables are capable of handling their everyday online classes?

The tablets we offer in this promo are second-hand units but a long-lasting and sturdy gadget that requires basic clean-up once in a while via different clean-up apps to maximize gadget performance. Some apps are downloadable via Google Play Store.

In case that I find the tablet not fit for online learning after three months, can I get a refund? What’s the process for returning the gadget?

Own-A-Tablet promo includes a 14-days return, and no replacement will be done after that period. Upon availing of this promo, you are agreeing to a 10-month lock-in period.

Will any available external mouse and keyboard work with your tablets?

Yes, there are branded and generic Bluetooth keyboards and mouse available in the market.

In case the gadget gets slow after some months of using it for online classes, what can we do about it? Will you offer tech support?

APEC Schools don’t offer tech support. 

Basic Troubleshooting for Huawei tablets is available via the Support App. Whenever you have a problem with your HUAWEI devices such as phone lag, short battery life, or Wi-Fi connection issue, you can use the troubleshooting function in the Support App to fix it easily by yourself.

Support App link: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/support/support-app/

Do your tablets prohibit users from downloading games or other apps that can distract them?

No, our gadgets do not restrict users from downloading games or other apps that can help them in their online learning journey.

**Does not include mouse and keyboard.
**In the event that the student wants to avail of the Rent-A-Chromebook/Own-A-Chromebook promo with the Own-a-Tablet promo, they are allowed to avail it with a maximum of 1 tablet allocation per student.