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Meet the APEC Flex Homeschool Pioneer Batch!

Mikhaela Tyrese Manalo

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a full-time e-learner? Hear it from Mikhaela Tyrese Manalo, a Grade 7 student of the APEC Flex Homeschool program!

It is Mikhaela’s first time studying in a homeschool program. Similar to other first-time homeschoolers, Mikhaela had to adjust to the different learning methodology. But with the help of her Subject Matter Experts and her classmates, the adjustment became easy.

“I want my daughter to experience full-time homeschooling,” said Michael Manalo, father of Mikhaela. He chose the APEC Flex Homeschool program for her daughter to ensure that learning will continue despite the pandemic. Mr. Manalo was happy to see Mikhaela adapt to the homeschooling program because of Mikhaela’s academic performance.

Benni Tiglao

How did APEC Schools help Benni Tiglao and her mother, Ms. Tina Tiglao, during their first year in a homeschool program? Watch it here!

Benni has a different take on transitioning from traditional to online learning. For him, he shifted with ease because of his technical know-how. Benni appreciates the Google Suite for Education provided by APEC Schools to all students. “Transitioning to the APEC Flex program was actually great,” said Benni.

Thanks to a family friend, Ms. Tina Tiglao, the mother of Benni, discovered how APEC Schools is a perfect fit for this son’s online learning. Ms. Tina is grateful to have Subject Matter Experts and Course Coordinators who guide her child in an online school setup. 

What’s more, parents are updated on the performance of their children and informed of the things that their child needs to submit or accomplish. “The Subject Matter Experts, Course Coordinators, and the parents are working hand-in-hand to help make the learning process easy for everybody, most especially for the child.”

“We were just lucky enough to find APEC Schools because it met our needs and wants for Benni,” said Ms. Tiglao.

Advantages of APEC Flex Homeschool

For both Mikhaela and Benni, students get many advantages in homeschooling such as the control in time and location. Aside from the support and motivation they get from their parents, Subject Matter Experts, and Course Coordinators of the APEC Flex Homeschool program are always there to help. Students of the APEC Flex Homeschool program can avail themselves of live consultations which can be scheduled at the student’s preferred time. Lastly, school becomes fun since you still have classmates who you can count on.

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