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Learning Continues Through APEC Agile!

APEC Schools introduced two new learning programs in SY 2020-2021 to adapt to education’s new normal: The APEC Agile Distance Learning Program and the APEC Flex Homeschool Program. Hear it from Carl Justin Yanuario and Isaac Joseph Dantes on how learning continues through the APEC Agile Distance Learning Program!

Carl Justin Yanuario

Carl Justin Yanuario, CJ to his family and friends, has been with APEC Schools since his 7th grade. Now on his last Senior High year as a STEM strand student, he shares his APEC journey; the personal and academic challenges he faced to the achievements and opportunities that made him who he is right now. Watch his story here:

Coming from an exclusive High School in Taguig, CJ enrolled in APEC Schools C. Raymundo. Like most of the students who are new to a school, he struggled to adjust both personally and academically. As time went by, he embraced the APEC culture and APEC Schools’ core values – Mindset, Character, and Habits – which helped him transition from an underperforming student to an achiever. 

In his last year in APEC Schools, CJ became the Student Council President of APEC Schools C. Raymundo. One vital skill that helps him in his role is Critical Thinking which he has learned throughout his stay in APEC Schools. 

As early as high school, he has acknowledged the importance of looking deep into the problems and challenges independently to create viable solutions. 

“[Critical thinking] is important because not only can I use it now as a Student Council President but also in the future,” says CJ Yanuario.

To summarize, CJ ended the interview by saying that “I do believe I am very well prepared,” if asked how he says himself going to college. With the help of APEC Schools – his Learning Facilitators, Master Teachers, even his classmates – he became #BetterEachDay.

Isaac Joseph Dantes

Isaac Joseph Dantes embodies the definition of being a jack of all trade. At such young age, he juggles his time from being a Worship Leader, Musician, Creative at their Church, Former CNN Philippines Junior News Anchor, to being a JHS student. How can he do it? It’s because he was formed in APEC Schools to learn and work independently. Watch his story here:

“[APEC Schools’] approach to learning is different. Some traditional schools tend to stifle the creativity of their students, but in APEC Schools, it’s otherwise,” says Ms. Gigi Dantes, the mother of Isaac, as she highlights the encouragement that the school gives to her son from all his extracurricular activities.

Ms. Gigi also mentions how APEC Schools made the transition to online learning easy not just for students but parents as well. “APEC [Schools] gives me a weekly summary of my son’s performance, and this means minimal supervision from my end.”

Adjusting to online learning wasn’t easy at first for Isaac. But because he has developed his Critical Learning skills at APEC Schools, he is prepared for any challenges because he can learn independently. 

“I guess what motivates me to study online is my passion for improving, and that’s what I love most about APEC Schools – their emphasis on making oneself better,” says Isaac.

To sum up her inclination to APEC Schools, Ms. Gigi highlighted that “I like it that my child is learning independently. He is being prepared for the future as early as now.”

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