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Innovation in The Midst of Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused schools to remain closed until permitted to resume by the national government. Limitations such as this created a unique need to innovate in order to better help our learners. The school closure requires creative solutions that address the challenges of education in the current context.

Thankfully, our existing programs have proved that we are indeed on the right track. APEC Schools’ program is based on a constructivist theory of learning that is perfectly suited to 21st-century learning practices. It means that we prepare our students to learn independently, instilling in them a love of learning that will transcend school and translate well into their adult lives.

This method of teaching is not passive and is different from how we, or our parents, were taught when we were in school. It means that your child is taught to think, to question, to discuss, and to become active participants in their own learning.

Unlike traditional methods of teaching, the teacher is not the source of information anymore, rather, the teacher is a facilitator in an environment that encourages your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills to emerge. APEC Schools has a dedicated instructional design team to create these environments and curricula. This allows the teacher to focus on helping our students reach their potential, and not on the creation of the plans or administrative tasks. The learning is personalized and the teacher can adjust to your child’s needs.

What changes will occur in the time of COVID-19?

The methodology described above was tweaked and adjusted in order to fit a mostly online learning environment – but because it’s non-traditional and already uses many elements employed by distance learning professionals, the transition wasn’t as difficult as some schools found it to be in shifting from a traditional learning method. This is a big help to both our students and staff as the adjustment is minimal and the impact on the learning will not be as high.

APEC Schools is aware that not all students have access to computers and the internet. We considered providing an option for distance-based learning using paper-based learning resources but decided against it for several reasons:

  1. We believe that it is not as efficient a type of instructional medium. With paper-based resources, you can only consume information through text and pictures. There are no videos, audio, or rich-media formats that make learning fun and engaging.
  2. It limits your child’s potential to develop 21st-century skills (e.g. programming, web development, etc), which in turn can have an impact on his/her future career. 
  3. It could pose a safety risk as viruses (like COVID-19) can live on surfaces for days. 

An investment in education is an investment that always pays off. There may be a need for you to secure the resources that your child needs in order to support his/her learning but know that the return on investment is far-reaching and will extend for years. These resources (computers and the internet) are not exclusive to learning. You can also use them as tools for other purposes, even as a means of livelihood.

Nonetheless, we have come up with the following options to help ease the burden on those who are having challenges with equipment and connectivity at the moment.

  1. A limited number of Chromebooks are available to be borrowed from the sites for a minimal fee. We will prioritize students who need this the most.
  2. Affordable Student Data Plans can be availed from different Telcos. Choose the Telco which has the best connection in your area.
  3. We will open some of our sites on certain days so you can use our facilities and download the learning resources you need <subject to IATF guidelines>.

Our commitment is to continually work towards providing viable options for our students to continue with their education under the new normal. Through our new learning programs, you can have the opportunity to experience the same quality of education we offer here at APEC Schools right in the safety of your own home. 

Become one of our students today. Visit https://apecschoolsinc.secure.force.com/Registration/ to start the enrollment process by getting your student number for free! 

Email us at admissions@apecschools.edu.ph and flex.admissions@apecschools.edu.ph for more information.

You can also reach us on our mobile number. Call or text 0917-258 7621 or 0998-846 2120. 

Access the branch directory at https://www.apecschools.edu.ph/contact-us/to contact our branch directly.