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How does APEC online learning work?

Curious about how APEC online learning work? Hear it from Ms. Jhanine Barateta, a Subject Matter Expert for English at APEC Flex Homeschool program, as she shares how we do homeschooling better through the help of Google Workspace for Education and Google Classroom.

“Technology is at the heart of APEC Schools’ Curriculum.” This is the reason why APEC students transitioned with ease from traditional setup to online setup. APEC Schools introduced two new learning programs in SY 2020-2021 to adapt to education’s new normal: The APEC Agile Distance Learning Program and the APEC Flex Homeschool Program. 

During the same school year, APEC Schools became a Google Reference School – the first and only in the Philippines. Schools receive this status for using Google as education tools in creative, innovative, or exemplary ways. 

The day-to-day online classes of APEC Schools utilize Google Meets, packed with features that make online discussions effective. Moreover, teachers use Google Sheets to record attendance, grades, and whatnot. These are just some of the instances where students and teachers do everyday online classes with Google. 

“Students are taught using a student-centric approach and Critical Thinking-Based Learning (CTBL) method,” said Ms. Jhanine in describing the online education of APEC Schools. As a result, with this kind of education, students become Independent, Confident, and Critical Thinkers even in an online learning setup. 

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