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APEC Schools and WWF-Philippines to bring Environmental Education for Teachers

APEC Schools and WWF-Philippines teamed up to bring teachers a 4-course specialization on Environmental Education.

Register now at: https://bit.ly/WWFxAPEC_EE2021

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines – an organization dedicated to raising awareness about biodiversity conservation and the climate crisis, and co-creating solutions with communities to mitigate the effects of climate change and environmental degradation – and APEC Schools’ Professional Development Program will offer four asynchronous online courses with CPD units from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) from January to June 2021.

Climate Change (8 CPD units)

The first part of the course aims to provide basic scientific knowledge to teachers to effectively integrate climate change lessons in their class. The course culminates with a project on climate change that teachers can implement in their respective schools.

Biodiversity (8 CPD units)

The second part of the course aims to increase the teachers’ awareness and concern over Philippine biodiversity and the conservation efforts that are in place. This course culminates with a project on biodiversity that teachers can implement in their respective schools.

Energy, Water, and Waste (6 CPD units)

The third part of the course focuses on the responsible production and consumption of resources, including energy and water. Moreover, it also discusses the need for sustainable waste management practices. This course culminates with a project on energy that teachers can implement in their respective schools.

School Resilience and Sustainability (8 CPD units)

The fourth part of the course focuses on making the schools sustainable and environmentally resilient. It will cover the different elements of a resilient school and will look into various models that schools can adapt. This course culminates with the teachers having ideas on how to bring the idea of environmental sustainability to their own schools.

There’s no doubt that the year 2020 highlighted the effects of climate and environmental issues. Our country lost massive economic gains and innumerable lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the string of typhoons that struck us. The classroom is one of the best starting points for the younger generation to have a good grip on what’s happening around us and to initiate sustainable thinking in response to these so we can #ChangeTheEnding for our planet and our people.

Teachers from all over the country, even abroad, are invited to enroll in this CPD course schedule from January to June 2021. The 4-part course, individually priced at PHP 500, can be taken altogether for just PHP 1,500. Interested teachers may contact Mary Ann C. Barcelon, Continuing Professional Development Officer of APEC Schools, at apec.pdp@apecschools.edu.ph.