APEC Schools Made Me Life-Ready!

Meet Kean Arcilla Ramos, a former student of APEC Schools Muntinlupa. Last year, his story of delivering coffee jelly on rollerblades became viral. Know him more and how his formative years spent in APEC Schools made him life-ready.

At first, he just wanted to be enrolled in any school near their house. Enrolling in a private school was not in his mind because it will only add up much to their household expenses. However, his father insisted that he study in a private school to prepare him for better opportunities after graduating. He finally enrolled in their best option – in APEC Schools.

“We wanted Kean to study in a school where he will become focused on his studies and where he will become disciplined,” said Ms. Cherry, mother of Kean. As time went by, Ms. Cherry saw how Kean became better not just in academics but in life.

“He became confident when he was in APEC Schools.” Some of the things Kean learned were how to get along with other students, became disciplined, and became less troublesome. Ms. Cherry admires the teachers because of their expertise and character.

Kean’s father had health issues that made him unable to provide for the family. Because of this, Kean looked for ways on how to support his family’s expenses. With his know-how in making Coffee Jelly, he started selling them to his friends, family, and neighbors.

With a delivery bag on his back and his rollerskates, he rode his way around to deliver his dessert. His story became viral because of the photo her mother took just to let their family and friends know what Kean is offering. Because of this, help poured in.

“I want Kean to be independent,” said Ms. Cherry. When the time comes that he needs to apply for work, get requirements from various offices, acquire documents, Ms. Cherry knows that Kean can accomplish them on his own – one of the things he learned in APEC Schools.

“Some of the APEC Core Values that were instilled in me are Grit and Proactiveness that made me life-ready,” said Kean. With all the challenges and difficulties that he experienced, he was able to cope with them. Ultimately, he learned to make decisions of his own free will.

“APEC molded me to who I am today.”

Before ending the interview, he shared tips with all APEC students: First is to give importance to every opportunity you will receive, and second is that learning doesn’t stop inside the classroom.

Kean is a testament to APEC Schools’ mission of creating a future that gets #BetterEachDay.

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