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Accenture Philippines, APEC Schools promote computer literacy through Hour of Code.

In 2020 alone, Hour of Code was implemented in over 180 countries with almost 70,000 events worldwide. APEC Schools, in partnership with Accenture in the Philippines, welcomed the grade 7 students to its technology-driven education through the Hour of Code global movement.

Every year, students from all branches attend a one-hour session that talks about computer science and programming to encourage students to discover this vital field and help increase their understanding of technology. The changes in the learning delivery mode did not stop the volunteers from Accenture in the Philippines from kicking off the event last December 2020 and will continue until March 2021 through online sessions.

Students expressed their appreciation for the program and the volunteers after the event. “I really loved it! At first, I thought we will be doing the kind of coding where you will really have to enter letters and other stuff but it was really unexpected because we used the concept of Minecraft, and since I know Minecraft, I was really excited,” said Beatriz Ignacio, student of APEC Flex Homeschool program. Some students even expressed their interest in doing this regularly. Maria Raina Abucejo of APEC Schools North Fairview also mentioned that “It was very fun to do even though it’s a little fiddly. I suggest doing more things like this to keep students entertained.” 

Tech-driven learning approach

Since its inception, technology plays a role in the APEC Schools’ education. Students and teachers use Chromebooks and tablets rather than printed learning materials. The school believes in the importance of computer literacy and how sufficient technology know-how helps students have a significant advantage. In the year 2020, technology played a pivotal role in keeping the world moving forward – and it has highlighted the importance of this field all the more. Here at APEC Schools, students receive the right kind of education that can help them create a future that gets #BetterEachDay. 

Learn more about the Hour of Code at https://hourofcode.com/us. Watch these videos to have a better understanding of coding:

  1. Change The World – Hour of Code
  2. Anybody Can Learn – 60-sec teaser
  3. Studying alone at home? Take a #CodeBreak! https://youtu.be/27ln76y27IQ