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Gain the skills you need to succeed in college, your future career, and life with our holistic education approach that nurtures talents, fuels curiosity, and builds knowledge.

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APEC Schools provides innovative quality private education for Filipino high school students. It is one of the largest chains of private stand-alone high schools in the country, operating in NCR, Rizal, Cavite, and Batangas. APEC prepares its graduates for college and real-world skills by training them to have strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, be tech-savvy and self-confident, and have a good command of the English language. One of the first high schools to offer a technology-enabled educational curriculum and delivery, Google recognized APEC Schools as a Google Reference School - the first and only one in the Philippines.

Program Offerings

Junior High School

Senior High School

Prepare for junior years with Agile Program, the foundation for Senior High School. Focus on thinking and doing. Develop critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, ICT, and leadership skills through immersive experiences.

Our Senior High School program prepares students for higher education through ABM, HUMSS and STEM Academic Strands.




Accountancy, Business and Management

Humanities and Social Sciences

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Join the multitudes of APEC Schools Graduates who have gained the skills needed to soar high in college and their careers later in life with our holistic education approach that nurtures talents, fuels curiosity, and builds knowledge.

Your ticket to managerial and accounting roles: sales manager, HR specialist, marketing director, project officer, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, internal auditor, and beyond.

Students enhance their critical thinking abilities by immersing themselves in a spectrum of viewpoints across disciplines like literature, history, philosophy, and the social sciences. This exposure enables them to evaluate arguments, assess evidence, and make informed decisions through extensive reading, meticulous research, and analytical scrutiny.

Pursuing this path can open doors to careers like civil and mechanical engineering, biology, statistics, software development, and beyond. These professions empower you to tackle real-world problems head-on.

Experiential Learning...

Memorization No More.

Communicate Confidently...

Nosebleed No More.

Real-Life Education...

Uncertain No More.

Absorb lessons better with our Progressive Learning Approach. This is an experiential learning model that teaches students how to use their learnings in actual scenarios instead of asking them to memorize facts.

We train our students to communicate effectively and encourage student-led discussions to develop their presentation, communication, and social skills, among many others.

APEC Schools is under the formidable YUCHENGCO-AYALA EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP, two of the country's most progressive and future-oriented conglomerates.

We have consulted several leading employers nationwide and identified essential skills for students. Aside from other aspects of our students' growth, these skills form the core of the kind of education we provide.

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