The APEC Schools Experience

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Cherry Ann Dela Rosa, Grades 7 & 8 Teacher of Social Studies, Filipino, Science, Life Labs and PE at

I chose to teach in a local private school and I am not after the word “local” but the quality of education that APEC Schools can give to the students. The curriculum is quite different as compared to the other schools. The aspect of teaching that I love the most is when I already see changes in the behavior of my students. The thing that excites me at APEC Schools is when I see that the values are being established within the students. I will definitely send my child here at APEC Schools because I believe that it can help my child to be a better person. One of the values that the schools wants to cater to the children is the practice of managing themselves. Low cost affordable schools is very important here in the Philippines because most of the families here cannot afford high quality of education and I believe that education is for all. We are now starting the K-12 system wherein this system is adopted internationally and I believe that this system can overcome the incompetencies of the students.

Monique Delos Santos, 46, Mom of a Grade 8 student at APEC Schools

My daughter is a shy-typed girl. She’s a hard worker and an obedient child. She graduated Grade 6 from a private school. I learned about APEC Schools through a television commercial. I immediately became interested because of its affordability and yet providing high quality education. I already made a downpayment in another school, but I am convinced to withdraw there and enter my daughter to APEC Schools. I like that it’s very close to our house – walking distance. One of her favorite subjects at APEC Schools is the Life Labs. They learn how to communicate with other people. She also said that teachers are really efficient and have mastery of subjects. I observed great changes about her --- her grades got higher and she got happier. I must say, her teachers are great and the school itself really provides high quality of education at a lower cost.

Mikaela Faith Inggal, 13, Grade 8 student at APEC Schools

I came from a government school since Grade 1 and when I graduated from Grade 6, I transferred here at APEC Schools. Firstly, there’s an English only policy here that helps me enhance my English or communication skills. Secondly, it’s a walking distance form my house. And lastly, I think that whatever I learn here, I know I can use it in my future. I observed that in public schools, teachers are not able to use English consistently. I studied 8 subjects per day in public school, unlike here at APEC Schools, we focus longer on a subject that lets us master the lesson. When I grow up, I want to a photographer. My favorite subject is Mathematics. What I like most about APEC Schools, they don’t just teach from the books, they teach from their hearts. I notice that teachers here are more concerned – they do mentoring for students as compared to the setup of my previous learning organization. Here at APEC Schools, my grades got higher and through life labs, we learn how to solve real life problems that make me wiser.

Allen Joy Anchita, Grades 7 & 8 Teacher of Science, Arts, Filipino, Life Labs and PE at APEC Schools

I chose APEC Schools because I was impressed by its unique system, wherein the teachers are not the ones making the lesson plans and the visual aids. I love it when I see my students improved. I love it when I know my students learned through me, especially when I see them improve not just their knowledge or grades but also their behaviors. As well as, how APEC Schools helps students improve speaking fluently in English. What excites me the most is when I know that my students learned not just through their teacher but also through themselves and classmates

Analie Edroso-Cruz, Mom of a Grade 7 student at APEC Schools

Aki is my only son and he calls himself an introvert so he prefers to be alone most of the time listening to music and browsing on internet news and information. He’s very loving and compassionate about others. From pre-school to Grade 5, he studied in a private school then he transferred during his Grade six to a public school, and then Grade 7 at APEC Schools. Well, there’s a lot of difference between private and public schools. Such as classroom size and the teaching and learning environment. When I got a leaflet about APEC Schools, it started there – Aki and I have been so interested at APEC Schools. For us, this is the best school for him. One of the many things we like most about APEC Schools is the school-wide CCTV cameras that help avoid bullying in campus and ensures safety. Also, the unconventional type of teaching and the no homework policy are the real catch. My son really got excited and I can observe until now that he’s really happy and he has become more optimistic. On my part, I can also easily approach the teacher to ask about my child’s performance and how I could also help. I hope that parents will see how APEC Schools’ curriculum is very efficient, aside from low cost, it’s really the quality, world class education it provides. I would really encourage parents to try APEC Schools for their children because I have seen the good changes it has brought my son and how my son became happier.

Angela Jules Cordero, 14, Grade 8 student at APEC Schools

I learned about APEC Schools from my previous school when they advertised it and so I‘ve asked myself what if I give it a try since I want a new culture of teaching. The thing that made me decide to try APEC Schools is that they don’t have homeworks – but they have culminating activities that enhance our leadership and thinking skills. Unlike APEC Schools, my previous school does not have access in advanced technology. Also, government schools are crowded and the teachers find the classroom or students hard to manage. When I grow up, I want to be a Marine Biologist because I learned to swim on my own since I was 2 and I also want to explore the sea, discover new things. Education is important to me because it will help me pursue my dreams. One thing I like about our teachers at APEC Schools is they put extra care for us to understand our lesson through putting it in real life situations.